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Birthplace: Douglas, Isle of Man. Eartha Mae Kitt was an American actress, singer, cabaret star, dancer, stand-up comedienne, activist and voice artist, known for her highly distinctive singing style and her recordings of "C'est Si Bon" and the enduring Christmas novelty smash "Santa Baby", which were both US Top 10 hits. Orson Welles once called her the "most exciting woman in the world". Kitt began her career in with the Katherine Dunham Company and appeared in the original Broadway production of the musical Carib Song.

Everyone on this list has has colorectal cancer as a cause of death somewhere in their public records, even if it was just one contributing factor for their death. Elizabeth Montgomery. The Best A24 Movies, Ranked. Jackie Gleason. Myths About Colonial America, Debunked. Robin Gibb. Master Man stops them all and tracks the group to a tunnels in the hills of Kentucky leading to a massive underground lair. They manage to slow him down and launch an assault on Fort Knox but Master Man stops them from successfully escaping to flee to a foreign nation.

The leader of the group stands revealed as the banker that offered the reward. Joe Mallone, an enforcer who wore a devil costume and a lead-cored thorny club. In the Ozarks a group of men dressed in dark cloaks and horned hoods ride about on horseback terrorizing the town of Tinville and demanding tribute.

They are stopped by Zoro, the Mystery Man when their leader accidentally stabs himself instead of the hero.

The horrible hand is a red hand, all that's left of a demon, the rest of his body destroyed. Like a summoned demon, the hand is able to do the will of its owner. Enter Trug, a black magician whose powers were stolen by Ibis and looking for new ones.

He uses the hand for thefts and murder, but is stopped again by Ibis. Ibis seals the hand in a globe and buries it to prevent others from using it again. On a mountain lives a hermit, and this mountain is the source of mysterious disappearances of several new models of fighter planes. Spy Smasher investigates and uncovers the secret of the mountain and its hermit Horrido a large muscular Japanese spy and a wind tunnel that sucks in planes for the capture in a base hidden inside of the mountain.

Spy Smasher has several close calls in trying to put an end to Horrido once and for all. Up and coming actor Dennis Mills drinks a little too much and cripples himself. Eventually goes insane over the loss of his fame and disguises himself as a hunchback and haunts film studios. When they continue filming he becomes a murderer until stopped by Bulletman. John Oberon is able to turn into the Greek monster Hydra. In his war against Captain Marvel, Mr.

Mind creates a monstrous body with a human head. Only the human head turns out to be an imbecile so Mr. Mind decides to kill his monster. When he chops the head off, it not only grows back but a dog's head does as well. Deciding such a creature could be useful, he takes it to steal some weapon plans.

Losing and gaining more heads in battle with Captain Marvel and the police, the beast is finally defeated when Captain Marvel feeds it some raw meat and the various heads attack each other over it. Petty crook Stinky Printwhistle is willing to blow up a bridge in order to loot the wreckage of a train. He's stopped by Captain Marvel, but his clothes rip and he's falling to his doom when saved by Lucifer. He promises his soul in order to get revente on Captain Marvel.

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Lucifer copies the spell that makes up Captain Marvel. When Printwhistle shouts the name Ibac I van the Terrible, B orgia, A ttila the Hun, C aligula , green flames blaze up transforming him into the muscular villain of the same name. Also served with Mr. Not exactly the physical skills one would think that he'd need. Backed by the power and cunning, he is able to put together a gang and start a crimewave as well as sullying Billy Batson's image. However, when going toe to toe with Captain Marvel, he isn't quite strong enough.

Captain Marvel hits him hard enough to knock the spirits out of him who promptly flee.

Printwhistle then promises to reform. Minute Man Dime Action Book. Nazi spy mistress seduces top-ranking officials for their secrets through the power of pheromones. She manages to return to fight Minute Man again and again. Ben Leighton creates suit which grants him the power of invisibility. However, in low light, it doesn't seem to work and he's captured by Bulletman and Bulletgirl.

A large reptilian dragon, large enough to wipe out a destroyer and demolish a city while laughing off Allied planes. The dragon's breath even stalls out Spy Smasher's incredible gyro-sub part submarine, part plane. He suspects something fishy as the dragon seems to be fighting for the Japanese and he leads it and a Japanese division into a mine-field, blowing both to kingdom come.

The dragon is then revealed as being just a huge mechanical monster. Jumbo is an incredibly large white sperm whale and lord of his domain. To the point that he purposely attacks and sinks merchant ships in the area. After defeating Jumbo, Captain Marvel, Jr. He arranges for the merchant ships whenever in Jumbo's domain to drop food over in tribute to the undersea king. The Evil god of an Eastern temple, it turns out his eye jewel is the diamond used by Diamond Jack to fight evil.

His believers seek to capture Diamond Jack and retrieve the "eye". When Jack takes the battle to the temple and the believers, the bronze statue of the god Khor is brought to life to strike him down. Jack's magic has no direct effect on the god, but he reasons that snuffing out the brazier used to bring it to life will render it lifeless. It does and as the falling statue crushes the priest that brought it to life.

The festival celebrates the town's Western roots with actors playing the parts of the James Brothers, Wild Bill Hickock and Bat Masterson as well as the rest of the town dressed in Western garb. Notorious gangster Kid Glove is also there, dressed as a cowboy, to commit robberies for real. He is so named because of his penchant for wearing kid skin gloves.

He and his gang are captured by Mary Marvel. In the ancient past Kull and his race ruled over humans.

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However, they were only a few and humans were many and they raised up and overthrew their masters. Kull was cast into suspended animation and arose in the late 40's the last of his kind. He started anew plans for the subjugation of the human race. Interestingly, he had a rivalry with Dr. King Leon rules the asteroid Djung and its people with an iron fist.

He hopes to make Princess Zyra his queen which sets him against the hero Captain Venture. Not only that, Venture manages to convert to his cause Tazon, Leon's scientist, doctor and hypnotist. King Leon becomes a recurring foe.

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Dating back to prehistoric man, The King of Darkness is the living embodiment of man's ancient fear and terror of the night, for at night he would leave his dark realm that exists below this one and prey on mankind. This bogeyman was a death-head villain all robed in white and only had one fear, one hatred himself, that of the light. He was defeated by Ibis, who used his Ibis stick to banish the King from the realm of darkness and he was consumed by the light.

King of the Fishmen: A millennia ago, a race of fishmen terrorized the Earth and were cast down by the gods. The king however was immortal, and so he was struck and thrown into a pool where he was trapped until someone would help him escape. The help comes from a young lad skipping school and decides to fish at the Forbidden Pool as no one would look for him there.

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Passing by, Ibis and Taia hear his screams as he's attacked by the immortal. Recognizing his foe, Ibis and Taia put up a valiant fight, but the Fishman gets ahold of the Ibistick and pronounces a doom upon by the two, to be struck down by the fist of Jove. As per the magic of the Ibistick, the fist instead strikes him down and he's taken back to the pool. The King of the Fisherman had the head and tentacles of an octopus but the torso and legs of a man and he could control fish.

This man leads an Asian cult against America. Ugly, he was born with a death-head face, only with sleepy looking eyes and a fanged mouth. Thus, he only has hate in his heart. He wears a wide-brimmed hat to hide his features, a cape and over-coat, all brown, looking a bit like a brown version of the Shadow. A good fencer and fighter, he is still defeated by Minute Man and is apparently killed when a powerful blow sends him flying into a furnace.