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Finding God among our neighbors, volume 2 : an interfaith systematic theology

Request an Desk copy Please select a version: Physical Digital Digital copies are fulfulled via Edelweiss, an external trusted partner. Description Students of theology live in a world defined by interreligious dialogue.

Release date:. Exhibiting both religious humility and theological courage, she confronts Christian misconceptions and problematic issues of other traditions, including, for example, idolatry, caste, jihad, and chosenness, while constructing a thorough Christian theology that seeks to learn from its neighbors.

Knowing that in our contemporary world Christian doctrine will almost always be judged in a comparative religious context, she incorporates that dialogue into the very formulation of basic Christian convictions about God, creation, and human transformation. Finding God among Our Neighbors offers both invitational summaries of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam and a statement of distinctive Christian belief that emerges out of respectful inter-religious encounter, articulating that encounter itself as a characteristic Christian practice.

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No other text so brilliantly, and accessibly, introduces readers to the varieties of religious belief and practice as an introduction to Christian theology, placing the Christian theological project squarely within our interreligious landscape. For the many students who arrive in theology classrooms without prior knowledge of any faith tradition, Finding God Among our Neighbors will serve remarkably well as an introduction to Christian or comparative theology.

ISBN 13: 9780800699338

So clearly written, it will be captivating for readers interested in reflecting theologically on our multireligious landscape. This is a wonderful text, more than highly recommended!

Religious Exclusivism and Interreligious Dialogue: Incompatible or Not?

Contents Introduction Chapter 1. Kristin Johnston Largen Ph. Largen was selected in recognition of her pioneering work in interreligious dialogue and comparative theology.

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March 30, - Kristin Johnston Largen Ph. Largen's book, which she will research in fall , falls under the general heading of Systematic Theology, but is developed more specifically from an interreligious perspective. It treats three core theological loci—God, creation, and humanity—explicating them Subscribe to our mailing list and you will receive timely updates regarding important and interesting GTU dates, news, events, and other important information.

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