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Lawrence kept discipline and organization Arab, not Western, style simple and effective.

He drilled his men in the employment of light machine guns and in rudimentary demolitions. Camels provided transport.

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Hit-and-run tactics on a broad front cut communication, eventually causing enemy garrisons to wither on the vine. Arabs had killed or wounded 35, enemy at little loss to themselves.

Guerrilla warfare alone, he realized, could not achieve this, but in a prolonged war it was an indispensable weapon , particularly in holding off the enemy Chinese and Japanese until orthodox armies could take to the field. Ho and Giap did not, however, hesitate to extend guerrilla operations to the cities when occasion warranted.

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Vietnamese organization and leadership were generally effective, albeit expensive in lives. The use of terrain was often masterful, both tactically and for sanctuary.

When popular support lagged, terrorist tactics were used—particularly the murder of pro-government village headmen—to coerce peasants into furnishing recruits, food, and information while denying these to the enemy. Operations were carefully planned and audaciously executed.

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As cruel as it was, the guerrilla portion of the Indochina wars must rank as one of the most successful in history. Leaders who do not respect the principles of guerrilla warfare soon find themselves in trouble, particularly against effective counterguerrilla forces. Greek communist guerrillas lost their war —49 for a variety of reasons, not so much because Tito deprived them of sanctuary in and supply from Yugoslavia but more because they forfeited popular support in northern Greece by their barbarous treatment of civilian hostages, by their rapacious behaviour in villages, and by kidnapping children and sending them to be raised in communist countries.

Over 30, Palestinians have also sustained injuries ever since the anti-occupation protest rallies, known as the Great March of Return, began in the Gaza Strip late March The United Nations Human Rights Council announced last week that Israeli troops may have committed war crimes by using excessive force against the protests.

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