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Politics Steel firms demand cut in energy costs to save industry and compete with rivals The trade body called for prices to be slashed so UK companies can become more competitive. Climate change Two thirds of Brits want to fight climate change - but don't know how Experts believe the UK could achieve 11 per cent of its carbon targets, according to research from Smart Energy GB. Most Read Most Recent. Top Stories. It becomes more viable in the future games he's fought in, as he frantically hops up and down in place instead.

Also, one fire spell you can use in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories has the description 'Donald flubs a fire spell'. When you use that spell, Donald came running around with his rear literally on fire, damaging enemies he touches. The Meow Wow and the various Kyroo dream eaters in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will suffer a brief case of this if they get hit with a fire attack, leaving them open to further abuse.

This predictably presents issues for them if they go up against dream eaters like the Ryu Dragon that use the fire element in almost all of their attacks. It happens in Digimon Battle Spirits.

Puppy who had tail chopped off before being set alight makes miraculous recovery | Metro News

If you get hit with the fire throw items or get hit by Impmon's fireballs, you'll get your rear set on fire. When Fox is exposed to fire in Star Fox Adventures , his tail will burn for a few seconds. If you throw it and you or your opponent steps on it, you'll be hopping around with your rear on fire.

The platform game Baby Jo : If your baby loses all her health in a fire, she launches screaming to the sky with her diaper on fire. In Legend of Kay , Kay will be running around with his tail on fire for a short time when he is hit by the dragon's fire. Radiata Stories has a status effect called Blazed. Your rear will be on fire and you'll take minor damage similar to poison. In The Secret of Monkey Island , when Guybrush launches himself out of a cannon to reach Monkey Island from his ship , he lands with his butt on fire.

Herman Toothrot wanders by and remarks idly, "By the way, you might want to think about putting that fire out.

Somebody could be hurt. Taken to the extreme in Mario vs. Donkey Kong , where touching lava causes Mario's entire body to light on fire, even charring him when he touches solid ground! In Mario Kart Double Dash, hitting a fire obstacle, getting hit by Mario or Luigi's fireballs or the Thunderbolt will cause the character on the back of the Kart to get their behind lit on fire and unable to use any item they're holding while they put it out. Fire Wario of Wario Land series, before being completely engulfed in flames.

This is also what happens to Mario in the fangame Super Mario 63 when he touches lava or fire.

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Mario Party loves this trope, with Mario, Peach and company frequently suffering from this countless times in every game. Notable examples include 5's Lava Bubble capsule, which has the characters intentionally inflict this on themselves to advance 10 spaces and Island Tour's Bowser's Peculiar Peak, a board that forces everyone to run around with their butts on fire, every single turn. In the New Super Mario Bros. The "burnt" condition in Miitopia inflicts this to the Miis.

Ep 69 Matt Amundson Set Your Sales Prospecting Program on FIRE

Spyro does this to some enemies on the original Spyro the Dragon. They are armored in front, but you can have Spyro toast them from behind. They'll go running off holding their bottoms and making Spyro catch up to flame them again for the kill. This is how Spyro himself reacts to touching lava from the second game onwards.

When his weapon gets stuck in the ground and he stops to focus on pulling it out, Spyro runs up and flames his behind, causing him to jump and grab his bottom.

Set My Tail On FIRE!!!!!!

You can also charge his behind, but it's very precise and you may run out of time, so most players simply flame him. Note that this and Harmless Freezing can be applied at once freezing encases the victim's head in ice. A Hat in Time Falling in lava or getting burned by fire causes Hat Kid to bounce upwards with her butt on fire, all while taking damage and trailing smoke.

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  3. Summer Blood (Desolate Incubus Book 1).

The Flash game Kamikaze Pigs has a late-game upgrade named after this trope. It causes the pants of parachuting fighter pilots to explode on contact with the ground. There's a scene in Wapsi Square where Monica's rejection of her inner demon Doubt sets Doubt's ass on fire.

Doubt eventually finds a way to get her own back on Monica. Nose flicks! MegaTokyo : Setting his sleeve on fire was all part of Largo's plan to allow Yuki to get away. The pants were not part of the plan. The friction was a bit high.

Hungarian Horntail

Web Original. This Reeves and Mortimer sketch. Sorry, I know the joke was bad. I apologize. The entire point of this Just For Laughs prank. Western Animation. Me last Mohican Another pause Must be me! Cue scream and Pain-Powered Leap. Thundercracker : Ow! What was that for? Holy campfire! Mah biscuits are burnin'!

Hot hot hot! Put me out! Numbuh 5 : I don't know about hamburgers, but your buns are on fire! Feedback Video Example s :. Alternative Title s : Pants On Fire. Show Spoilers.