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Her father is a missionary and the book is set in China. Maybe Shanghai. Ellen works in the local hospital. She meets an English born man at a party whose name is David.

His family is very wealthy and has shipping interests in China. They have a romance. Then, Ellen gets kidnapped by a group of rebels during the Boxer Rebellion turn of the 20th century and she disappears with them into the Chinese countryside. She has to nurse men who are doing constant battle and they have a ruthless leader. She is not hurt, but is terrified she will be held captive and killed. David has to mount a rescue when it seems impossible to find her.

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Yet, he disguises himself as Chinese and searches until he finally finds her. He helps her escaped but she is terrified of being caught again. They sail the Yangtze to escape and have several close calls being discovered since the whole country is at war. They finally make it to safety. In the end, Ellen and David are married. I have no idea who the author is or what the title is. Any help would be amazing. Hi, new member here : I'm most certainly searching for a Harlequin book.

Regency setting, might be under Historical Harlequin though. Any case, twin sisters. The morally ambiguous one inherits a house from a lover? She must go abroad and can't fulfil the terms of the will. She convinces her schoolmistress sister to live in the inherited house for the set amount of time.

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British countryside. The neighbour, some sort of lord, becomes suspicious when the courtesan is so sweet mannered. He is possibly related to the man who willed the house. In one scene the schoolmistress has fallen asleep, in a window seat, and her dress has slipped of her shoulder.

Of course, that is when the neighbour visits. She is embarrassed but must act like her sister would. I read it somewhere between 97 and Any ideas? Edit: no sooner did I ask than the name Susanna popped into my head. The book is the Virtous Cyprian by Nicola Cornick. Evidently, the book is very easy to find when you have a charactername, even after som 15 odd years searching. Oh well, it's a good book. I'm am looking for the name of a historical romance book. A woman lived with her uncle and cousin ,I think. She saved a man on the beach while out riding her horse and brought him back to their house.

When the man got well enough to leave she dressed as a boy and pestered the man for a job because she saved his life. I think she was calling herself Gabe as a boy. He hired her as his valet and she saved his life a couple of more times. Thats about all I can remember except I think I read it about 10 yrs ago. Thanks for any help. Hi - I have been looking for a romance novel that I read as a teen. It was my mom's, and i think it was written in the s or s. It was set in "olden" times but I'm not sure exactly when.

It was about a young woman who is kidnapped in the woods while riding her horse and the man takes her to his castle by the sea, drugs her and rapes her.

ipdwew0030atl2.public.registeredsite.com/344662-software-to.php She doesn't like him but he keeps her there and eventually she falls in love with him. They marry and have a daughter and continue to live in the castle until the woman disappears or dies. Her daughter grows up and tries to figure out what happened to her mother. I am a little fuzzy on the rest of it but I think she figures out that something happened where her father was arguing with her mother in a tower and her mother fell or was pushed out into the sea.

I remember the woman's name being something like "Lynette" and the man who kidnaps her saying that her name means "little bird". I also remember the cover with a woman standing on a beach in a red or black cape and there is ocean with cliffs and castle behind her UPDATE - somehow I remembered Victoria Holy and look her up, another of her pseudonyms is Philippe Carr and she wrote this book, it's called "the witch from the sea" and the characters are Linnet Pennlyon and Colum Cassvellyn and they live at Castle Paling.

Just in case anyone else is searching! Hello everyone - I have been trying to locate this book for a while now. I hope you will help me find it. The hero meets the model person first and then the researcher. I remember this clearly - he tells his friends that he admires the gracefulness of the researcher and the intelligence of the model which surprises the friend. He finally figures out that they are both the same woman when he ends up sleeping with the model.

He gets angry at first but then when he takes a walk I think on a beach and ends up sharing his story with a stranger - the guys reminds him that he thought he was in love with two different women and now his problem is solved and he should be happy that they are the same. They live happily ever after I hope this rings a bell for someone.

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The titles that have been suggested to me are "Thursday's Child" and "Are you for real? Hi everyone! I hope someone can help with a historical romance novel I've been searching for with no luck. Heroine gets pregnant at the very beginning by the hero. When she finds out, her sister is the only person she tells. So they come up with a plan and tell their parents they are going to stay with an aunt in the country for awhile the aunt is the fathers sister. They don't really like this aunt but its the heroines only choice.

When they get to the aunts house, the aunt agrees to let them stay. As they get settled in, the aunts nephew shows up and takes an interest in the heroine.

The heroine has a dizzy episode and everyone finds out that shes pregnant, the nephew offers to wed her since he likes her, but the heroine refuses because shes in love with the hero. The heroine and aunt get really close and become friends. Heroine finally has baby boy and the sister goes back home. The book goes one year later, the heroine talks with her aunt and decides that its time to go back home and reveal to her parents that they have a grandson.

Later, the hero finds out about his son and offers the heroine marriage and the aunt talks her into it, I think. The nephew and hero know each other somehow. Its a series and the nephew gets his own story.

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I would appreciate all the help! Anything helps thank you!!!

Harlequin Presents, sometime in the s. I vaguely remember the hero wanting to put her into the harem, she is possibly insulted and says no. Hi I'm looking for a book that i started reading in the mid to late 90s. It was about 3 half sisters same dad, different mothers, dark haired one was illegitimate in the s that traveled to America to get away from their dad i think. Youngest had a birthmark on half her chest and most of her neck so she wore high neck dresses so she wouldn't be accused of witchcraft.

Oldest was in love with her cousin who traveled with them to America but he was in love with the middle sister dark haired. It was about all their romances but that's all i read until it got lost. I've been looking for a long time. Anyone know what this book is? I am looking for a book, either harlequin or mills and boon.

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He is blackmailing her in some way because she had his child and he didn't know and gets angry. He drags her round the world living in hotels. At first she makes an effort and unpacks all the time and makes it like home but he keeps being angry about the past and doesn't let her have much interaction with the child. After a while she gives up making effort and I can't remember if she leaves but eventually he realises he is being an arse and they live happily ever after.